Police Departments Hiring in Florida

Speed up your search and use Police Departments Hiring in Florida. Provided is a list of the largest cities in the state of Florida listed by the from the largest population first. Each city name is linked to corresponding Police Departments hiring page if offered by this Florida Police Department. If it is not offered the description below each city name will provide additional clues on what to expect so that you can speed up your Florida Police Departments hiring process.

Step 1 for joining the Jacksonville Florida sheriff's office is to read this which applies to all civil servant jobs.

This is a page to the current jobs openings, career opportunities and the hiring process for Miami Dade Police Department

They call it the "How to Join Page" we call it the Hiring Page for Tampa Florida PD.

Saint Petersburg
Read this update for current positions and hiring at the St. Petersburg Florida PD. It's a very basic page.

Good detailed page covering the hiring process and recruiting at Orlando Florida Police Department.

Following this link then contact their office on more information about hiring because we could not find any.

Includes information on Police Officer, Communication and Civilian hiring processes and opportunities.

Fort Lauderdale
This is the first page we have come across that reads "We're Hiring" in bold red font.

Port Saint Lucie
On our last visit it read "not taking application" but the information is limited and if you are interested in working with them we recommend you call and get more info.

Pembroke Pines
This recruitment page offers solid information about the process of getting hired with this Florida Police Department.

Cape Coral
Very unique website with very little information. Looks like a very laid back town, probably worth the call and effort. I like the name Cape Coral Police Department.

To attract you as a candidate the first bullet point on the career page for Hollywood Florida reads "6 miles of beautiful beachfront"

This is the Career Opportunities page for Gainesville PD. You will find hiring information for sworn and non-sworn positions along with contact and a message from the Captain.

Detailed information and instruction on the hiring process, training and continuing education for Miramar Florida PD

Coral Springs
This is referred to as the Coral Springs Police HR home page. For additional information place your mouse over the "Employment" link in the Top horizontal navigation of this webpage.

Clearwater Florida Police has a clear focus on hiring with this dedicated police jobs website. Its very self explanatory.

Miami Gardens
The actual "human resources" link on this site leads to a server error otherwise missing page on the Miami Gardens City main page. As a result we've pasted the link to the "contact" page on the police site. Call them to learn more information about the hiring process.

Palm Bay
The Palm Bay FL career page gives you all the information you need to learn about the hiring process.